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Saikoro Steak (Wagyu Cubes)

A popular izakaya dish in Japan, these cubes have deep flavor and unrivaled melt-in-your-mouth texture.

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3+1 on KorJap

Buy any 3 items from our Korean & Japanese meat cuts and get 1 item free! Miss your Korean and Japanese BBQ nights? We'll bring your favorite samgyeopsal and shabu-shabu closer to you!

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Steak Kit

Some say that a great steak only needs some salt and pepper. But there are other ways to enjoy this prime cut. Our Southern-style kit comes with a special rub, sides, and chimichurri sauce.

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Real Crab Meat

Experience real, fresh crab meat from blue swimming crabs. Available shredded or in jumbo lumps, this premium ingredient is perfect for your croquet, omelette, and crab cake recipes.

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